Spiral Wound Gaskets

These gaskets are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and can be adapted to suit almost all applications. The gasket can seal fluid pressure of up to 2500 psi and temperature range of -200*C to in excess of 850*C.
The gasket is easy to install and remove and will not cause damage to the flange surfaces.
? A Spiral Wound Gasket would consist of a Metal Inner Ring, Metal Winding Strip with Filler and Metal Outer/Centering/Guide Ring. A combination of winding materials and metals are available which enable the gasket to meet the requirements to varied operating conditions. The metal strip provides outstanding resilience, while flexible sealing filler seals.
The Outer Metal Guide Ring or Outer Ring or Centring Ring assists in locating the gasket within the bolt holes of the flange during installation and prevents blow out of the gasket. It also acts as compression limiter preventing overloading and over compression of the sealing element like PTFE fillers. These rings are generally manufactured in materials like Carbon Steel with anti-corrosion treatment to higher grade depending upon the requirement.
The Inner Metal Ring reduces internal fluid turbulence, prevents radial flow of fillers, prevents accumulation of solids, minimises erosion of flange faces and it acts as a heat shield. The material for these rings and winding metal is usually the same as of flange material.
Generally graphite is being used as filler material but alternative filler can also be provided.

We offer basically 4 Styles of Spiral Wound Gaskets for various standard pipe flanges.
  • Style S – This is basic construction reinforced with several plies of winding strip for use in Male/Female, Tongue/Groove and Flat Face to Recess Flange Faces. This type of gaskets must be fitted with compression stop.
  • Style SI – An inner ring is added to Style S which acts as a compression stop and other benefits of Inner Ring and are suitable for use as per Style S.
  • Style CSI – Outer ring is added to Style SI with benefits of Inner & Outer Ring and are suitable for use on Flat Face and Raised Face Flange Faces.
  • Style CS – This is standard format of gasket and is suitable for use as per Style CSI.
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