About our Quality.

Better Castings, with its endeavour towards continual improvement is implementing the Quality Management System in-line with API Spec Q1, 9th Edition & ISO 9001:2015 5th Edition Standards, manufactures products under API 6A 21st Edition product specification.
For the purchase of outsourced critical products, components or activities, verification for confirmation to international recognized quality of the supplier at the 1st stage and Re-evaluation over a period and are recorded.
We maintain documented procedure for identification & traceability throughout the product realization process, including applicable delivery and post-delivery activities.
The journey begins with the screening of all incoming critical material with Radiation Detector for any harmful radioactive contamination and inspecting the chemistry by PMI or Spectrometer.

At Foundry (Melting) a sample is drawn and chemical analysis conducted through either PMI or Spectrometer. Visual inspection for oil free and rust is done and melting temperature is maintained by use of pyrometer.

At Foundry (Pouring) the temperature of 1580 to 1620*C +/- 50*C is maintained by use of pyrometer and we also maintain temperature of Laddle, Spout and Die. Die RPM is maintained by the use of non-contacting tachometer.

Castings are done in a computer controlled 6 channel electric furnace calibrated to API standard. We inspect the ID, OD, length & weight of each of the casted tubes.

In Heat Treatment we conduct Solution Annealing at a setting temperature of 1000-1100*C for 10 hours. Full Annealing is conducted at setting temperature of 890-950*C for 10 hours and Tempering is done at setting temperature of 600-750*C for 7 hours.

Hardness is being tested by Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Tester.

In process control during Pre-machining and CNC machining is supported with Spectrometer, Positive Material Identification Test Gun, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Quality Activity Plan (QAP). The product conformity is done with a UTS Machine, Impact Testing Machine, BHN & Rockwell Hardness Tester and Metallurgical Microscope.

Machine shop is supported with Digital Vernier Callipers, Screw Gauges, Height & Bore Gauges, Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument and all other relevant metrological tools. Apart from this we have O2 & N2 Level Analyser also.

In case of an electroplating it is checked for thickness via thickness tester and correct chemical pH is maintained.

Spiral Wound Gaskets are passed through Compression Testing Machine to ensure it meets the requirements as per ASME B16.20 standrads.

Final inspection and testing is performed in accordance to QAP to the specified requirements which is visual inspection for pin holes, porosity, cracks, dent, shrinkage or tool mark, ovality, metal-fold, etc.

Finally once again hardness and dimensions are checked - radius check through Radius Gauge, height & width through micrometer, Flat C through vernier, Taper angles through bewel protector, flatness with feeler gauge and surface table is verified. At the last surface finish is measured via roughness comparator.

Prior to box-up it is visually checked for correct marking and material mix-up. This attention to detail ensures every product batch is quality approved before packaging and shipping.
We believe that quality is not just confirmation to specs but a system that integrate - health, safety, environment by designing adaptable process, control and cost. Hence we at Better Castings ensure that our Machines, Materials, Methods/Systems/Controls and Men are the best that can be relied upon.
All the above used Testing, Measuring & Monitoring Equipments (TMME) is calibrated & maintained to international & national measurement standards.
All non-conforming outputs are corrected, segregated and rejected or scraped.
We monitor customer’s perceptions of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled by way of surveys, feedback, meetings, analysis, compliments and reports.
We have been augmented by certification of our systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by TUV Nord and 6A monogram license issued by American Petroleum Institute for RTJ Gaskets.

The focus has always been “Quality” making our company a synonym for reliability.