Centrifugal casting or Liquid Forging involves solidifying metal under high radial force of 100G-120G, providing a very fine grain cast structure without any internal defects, besides giving a high yield with shorter throughput time. This can be used for benefit in casting symmetrical hollow tubes or single-side flanged tubes or ball type castings with physical properties of 30% more than the conventional static casting. It is noted for the high quality of the results attainable, particularly for precise control of their metallurgy and crystal structure.
Castings can be made both in horizontal and vertical axis limiting to 20mm in internal diameter and 1100mm on outer diameter with total length limited by maximum piece weight of 1000kgs.
Castings made in Stainless Steel, Nickel and Copper based alloys are used extensively in Boiler, Valves, Pumps, Decanter Industries, Oil Fields, General engineering and many more. Two materials can be cast together by introducing a second material during the process. One such application is bimetallic pipe consisting of two separate concentric layers of different alloys/metals bonded together. Such pipes can be economically used in many applications.

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