Camprofile Gaskets

These gaskets are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and can be adapted to suit almost all applications. The gasket can seal fluid pressure of up to 2500 psi and temperature range of -200*C to up to 1000*C.
The gasket is easy to install and remove and will not cause damage to the flange surfaces. It provides a high integrity, low seating stress seal.
It consists of a metal core with concentric grooves and soft sealing material layer on both sides. The layer protects the flange surface from damage and provides excellent seal at low bolt stress. The gasket could have integral or loose/floating Outer/Centering/Guide ring. It can have pass partition ribs/bars.
Camprofile are the only gaskets which can be re-used after cleaning, surface inspection and re-layering with sealing material layers.
These are suitable for use on standard ASME flanges but are proving to be especially suitable as a reliable, cost effective alternative to jacketed gaskets to be used on heat exchanger applications. It can be used on TEMA flanges also.

We offer 3 styles :
  • Style CI – Parallel core with integral outer ring.
  • Style CL – Parallel core with loose/floating outer ring. These rings are spot welded..
  • Style C – Parallel core only..
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